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Apple MacBook Air 13 M2 10-Core/16GB/256GB (MBAM2STL-15 - Late 2022) Starlight

Apple MacBook Air 13 M2 10-Core/16GB/256GB (MBAM2STL-15 - Late 2022) Starlight



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Apple M2 10-Core


Apple M2


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Apple MacBook Air 13 M2 10-Core/16GB/256GB (MBAM2STL-15 - Late 2022) Starlight buy in UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi

In 2022, Apple astonished the world of technology by introducing its new masterpiece - the MacBook Air 13 M2. It's not just a new product; it's a true breakthrough in computer innovation. The distinguishing feature of the MacBook is its amazing design, which combines elegance, lightness, and compactness. With its arrival, the concept of laptop mobility and usability has reached an entirely new level, setting new standards for portable computers.

 The device is powered by the powerful Apple M2 processor. Additionally, it features a 16-core Neural Engine, significantly enhancing data processing efficiency and graphics visualization. The MacBook has up to 24 GB of RAM and storage capacity of up to 2048 GB, providing ample space for storing large files and installing graphics-intensive and high-resolution programs, including modern video games and advanced video editors.

  This laptop occupies a special place in the market thanks to its 13.6-inch screen (IPS Liquid Retina), which provides impressive clarity and brightness of images due to the high pixel density of 224 PPI. Moreover, its incredibly low weight of just 1.24 kg makes it an indispensable companion for those who value lightness and portability.

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General characteristics
Announcement year 2022
Structure and appearance
Dimensions (length*width*height) 30.41 x 21.5 x 1.13 cm
Overall weight 1.24 kg
Color Starlight
Operating system MacOS
Screen matrix type IPS
Screen size 13.6 inches
Screen resolution 2560х1664
PPI 224
Screen coating type glossy
Memory and processor
Processor Apple M2
Number of GPU cores 8
CPU frequency 3.49 Ghz
Video processor Apple M2 10-Core
Video card type integrated
Hard disc type SSD
Memory 256 GB
RAM type
Input devices
Manipulator Force Touch
Number of keyboard keys 79
Keyboard LCD backlight yes
Touch pad Multi-touch TouchPad
Web camera FaceTime 1080p (Full HD)
Built-in speakers yes
Built-in microphone yes
Optical drive
3.5 mm jack (audio/microphone) yes
Wireless communications
Wi-Fi yes
WLAN Wi-Fi a/b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth yes
Bluetooth version 5.0
Battery capacity 52.6 W*hr
Battery type Li-Pol
Battery life 18 hours
Complete set
Complete set MacBook Air, 30W USB‑C Power Adapter, USB‑C Charging Cable (2 m)
Additional information
Official warranty 12 months
*** All the features and technical characteristics of the device are just a demonstration of the capabilities. and may change without prior notice
Purchase methods
Buy profitably no information
Purchase type
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Processor type
Video card performance
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3 months 10% of amount (795 AED) 7 951 AED 2 385 AED 12% of the product amount (852 AED)
4 months 10% of amount (795 AED) 7 951 AED 1 789 AED 12% of the product amount (852 AED)
5 months 10% of amount (795 AED) 7 951 AED 1 431 AED 12% of the product amount (852 AED)
6 months 10% of amount (795 AED) 7 951 AED 1 193 AED 12% of the product amount (852 AED)
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