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Warranty and Returns

If you decide to return your purchase, you can do so within 7 days of the purchase. The following conditions apply:

  • To return or exchange the product/s, the customer needs to call the hotline, send a message or email us at for assistance.
  • The original invoice must be attached to the product/s for returns or exchanges.
  • The product must be returned in its original packaging, sealed and unopened.
  • If the product has been used or the original box has been opened or the original seal has been removed, we will refuse to refund the money and will return the product back to you unless a manufacturing defect is found.
  • Any electronic or mobile product recognized as defective must be verified by an authorized service center appointed by Mobilochka Mobile Phones & Accessories to confirm its condition before an exchange or refund is made.
  • If the product does not work due to a manufacturing defect, the original box, information booklet and all other accessories must also be returned.
  • If you have received the wrong product, please inform our customer support team and they will immediately send you the correct product.

     Defective on Arrival (DOA) / not functioning in accordance with the operating manual / not meeting the stated technical specifications product is eligible for exchange or refund:

  • After being checked by our personnel or an authorized service center specialist of the manufacturer, depending on the circumstances. This process may take up to four working days. Return/exchange will be made only after the investigation/technical report.
  • If the returned item contains any data or information stored in memory or storage device, the store is not responsible for transferring such data or information to another item provided to the customer as an exchange, or for the loss of any data or information still on the returned item.
  • Goods purchased using a credit/debit card will be refunded ONLY to the same credit/debit card that was used for the transaction.
  • Refund for items purchased using any gift cards, points, etc. will be refunded via a gift card.
  • Service and delivery charges are not refundable after being executed and confirmed by the Customer. The customer must inspect the item/items BEFORE signing the delivery confirmation document (POD), and before the courier's departure for delivery. Any goods delivered, signed, and/or accepted, which were subsequently reported as damaged or broken, are not subject to return and exchange or warranty conditions.

     Returns and exchanges are not accepted:

  • If the packaging is incomplete, the product is damaged or scratched.
  • The online activation code may have been erased or reused.
  • The device has an activation/password lock function enabled, "Find My iPhone" (FMIP), "Find My Mobile" (FMM), or "Find My Device" (FMD) feature activated.
  • If the packaging has minor dirt or has been opened but the product is not defective, unused, without visible scratches or marks on the product or packaging, the product will be returned with a deduction of at least 15% of the order value or depending on the circumstances upon return or exchange.
  • All transactions made for pre-order online or in-store are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.
  •  Management will act in accordance with the above policy, and the decision of management shall be considered final.